Congrats to all accepting appointments. Did you have server issues?


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Apr 9, 2017
DS got his email and his portal turned over yesterday to accept, he is ready to take the next steps but he keeps getting 'error code 500' (server problems) when he tries to access his "Message to Those Selected...." letter to review prior to accepting. He has tried different browsers. Still an issue this morning. He has reached out to admissions but no response yet.

Does clicking on "Accept" actually do the accepting right then, or it does it lead to more information first? He (we) is anxious to move forward...hard to wait!! Don't want to accept though without reading pertinent information!

Anyone else have issues?
Yes. If he hits "Accept", he accepts the offer right then. The message to those selected, is about sending in proof of citizenship.
I think there is a link to a "brochure" on the academy, as well.

After he accepts, there is a link to two (2) forms; a "Body Alteration" form and a "Police Record Check" form.
They are self-explanatory.
Thanks....and we got it all figured out, clearing cookies and all that stuff. Going to be an exciting day!
My son's admissions counselor wrote back today that there were quite a few people having problems with accessing certain documents once the "accept" button was hit! My son could get to the Police Record and body alterations forms, but got the "error" message for the Proof of Citizenship form. We later tried again and could print up the form. We couldn't see the Letter for those accepting appointments - hopefully a copy will be in the BFE! Thankfully it's early and there's plenty of time to get everything submitted.