Congrats to USAFA Marathon Club Runners

Discussion in 'Air Force Academy - USAFA' started by tutmom, Nov 2, 2010.

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    Last weekend we were lucky to host a few of the usafa cadets from the marathon running club who came to Arlington (on their own dime) and ran in the Marine Corps Marathon. A total of 24 cadets finished the 26.2 mile race and they all did outstanding. Many of them qualified for the Boston Marathon.

    We met most of them at a dinner hosted by another cadets family and they were all amazing young men and young women!

    My cadet is a C4C and doesn't run more than he has to :smile: so we couldn't convince him to come home for the run. But it was great to spend the time with these cadets!
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    That is very cool.
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    If you look through the results, you'll see that there were cadets from USNA, USMA, USAFA, and USCGA running in the marathon as well as the 10K race.

    A total of 5,899 runners finished the 26 mile race.

    The top overall finishers for each academy were:

    USMA (38th)
    USNA (49th)
    USAFA (166th)
    USCGA (517th)

    Of the 482 runners between the age of 20-24:

    USMA - 9th
    USNA - 13th
    USAFA - 33rd
    USCGA - 67th

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    Wonderful weekend, absolutely great race. We hosted 6 cadets (including DS) from the Coast Guard Academy. The most polite, engaging and helpful group of young men and women to have in the house. They all ran well, in spite of a very late arrival Friday evening, crazy busy day Saturday and early go Sunday morning. (they had to leave our house at 5am to make the start in time!) Kudos to all the service academy cadets for the outstanding run.

    Luigi, the top finisher for the CGA came in 515th overall. I know him well. :wink:
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    Anyone who attempts a marathon is a bit "kooky" in my book :shake:

    And this is coming from someone who has run multiple half's and one full (Disney - highly recommend, but you won't find me doing any more than the one).

    Congratulations to all the SA finishers! And a big hearty congrat's to those who were attempting to qualify for Boston and did!

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