Congrats usna appointees!!!

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    I wanted to say Congratulations to everyone who has been awarded this great honor. You have worked very hard to achieve this Appointment. Cherish these next few months with family and friends. When I-Day finally arrives and those challenging weeks are upon you, and you want to quit, dig very deep inside and tell yourself you deserve to be there and no one can take that away from you, but you, if you quit.

    When my brother went through OCS for the USMC, he had a very difficult time with the mental part of the program. My mother used to tell him, "don't quit, you'll never forgive yourself" "give it one more week, and if you still feel this way then come home". She told him this every week for almost a month. He is a retired Major, and very happy with his decision to stay.

    Service Academies are not for everyone, and it's a huge decision to decide to attend these great institutions, as well as, serve our country. Please make sure this is what YOU want. Ok, I'm done with my little speech, but I haven't been telling all of these wonderful young men and women Congratulations on their Great Achievements! I have thoroughly enjoyed reading about all of you, and your journeys.

    BTW - Give your parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. a huge hug and kiss and tell them thanks for being your biggest supporters! :thumb:

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