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    First and foremost, let me offer my congratulations to all of you on your nominations and appointments to the Service Academy, which you will be attending..

    You young men and women set a goal for yourself and worked extremely hard to achieve that goal. You truly understood this was a very arduous process to accomplish the goal, at hand.

    You definitely understand the commitment and courage this takes. You will face very hard challenges, this summer and over the next fours years, but I know your have perseverance to achieve this goal.

    Your parents can be extremely proud of you for what you are about to undertake.

    I am sure that you young men and woman could have attended any school in the country, but you chose to make a sacrifice and make a commitment to serve others and your country. That is truly something to be proud of and you need to know that others are proud of you for this.

    God bless and God Speed to each and everyone of you. RGK
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