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    I just wanted to post and shout out a Congratulations to all those who have accepted their appointment to the USAFA. You are young and about to experience something that only a select few get chosen for. Feel proud. DO NOT EVER GIVE UP no matter who tough you think. Your MIND is your best and strongest muscle to get through BCT and the next 4 years (actually the rest of your life). I have many quotes that I use to help me and one that I think is appropriate here is: Talk is cheap. Excuses just do not cut it. If you want something, do the work! It's all about CHOICE AND COMMITTMENT!!! The committed get it done NOW! Don't wait for your life, go out and MAKE IT HAPPEN! (I have no clue who the author is). Remember ONE SECOND AT A TIME. Eventually each of those seconds will turn into a minute that you got through and then an hour and then a day and then a week and soon it will be A-Day and then it will be Recognition and then soon after Graduation. Years later you will look back and see how FAST it went. Remember to see the POSITIVE and to ENJOY the experience. It will be tough but that is only for YOUR benefit and the benefit of those around you. YOU CAN AND WILL DO THIS!!
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    The encouragement and kind words are well appreciated!

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