Congressional Interview Finished


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Oct 31, 2008
Wow, well I just got back from my interview with my local congresswoman's office. I think it went pretty well. The only problem was I had rehearsed what I would say when asked "why the navy" so many times that I fell all over it:smile: Most of the other questions were homeschool oriented so they would not help anyone here. The questioners were extremely friendly and amazingly, SUPPORTIVE. They were extemely helpfull and I walked out thinking I learned more about them than they did of me. They did ask questions about things like my leadership experiance etc, but that is expected. All I can say is, everyone else has it right, be respectful, be confident, look in their eyes when talking, and have a good time.

Now starts the wait.........
Umm, actually, I would be very interested in the homeschool oriented questions, if you do not mind sharing. (My son is homeschooled, too.)


First I would like to point out I thought being homeschooled would cause me problems. I was suprised to learn that they really seemed to like the fact that I was homeschooled. They said that Homeschooled students who do get into a SA tend to do really well. Also, they appreciate the fact that homeschooling standereds are higher than that of the average public school. Instead of asking direct questions, they usually hit me with statements that they wanted me to reply to. They asked me what I had done that would prove I had leadership abilities and team work capabilities. Also, they seemed very interested in how I was going to use the fact that I was homeschooled to my advantage in the admissions proccess. They really wanted me to incorporate my homeschooling background in my personal statement to USNA.
I'll post more later. I'm in a hurry because I have my B&G interview in 2 hours.
I wish your son the best.
Thank you for taking the time to respond. I hope your BGO interview went well, and best of luck to you, too!!:smile: