congressional interview tomm.

Be confident in yourself!! Just know you can and will do this! :smile:

Good luck!! :thumb:
Be sure and smile and really be yourself....I found that even though a few questions were a bit tough the panel really does have a heart.....My ALO kept telling me to be myself and all the right things would shine.....

ohhh one thing don't be afraid to pause and think before you answer.... :thumb:

You will be great!!!

Let us know!

Hi there. I just went in for my congressional interview last week. Believe me, you don't need to be worried. Get a good nights sleep so you will be sharp, relax:smile:, and really try to enjoy yourself. They will most likely ask questions about your app. you sent them, so you should be in your comfort zone. Also, they are not out to destroy you (despite some rumors). I actually found my interviewers EXTREMELY helpfull and supportive. Your interviewers will probably be looking at how you handle yourself rather than your past. Don't be afraid to take several seconds before you reply. Also, I got hit with a bunch of statements, not questions. When I replied to a statement with "thats a hard question," they seemed impressed that I realized it was a question, not a statement. You will do fine. I wish you the best!!!! Keep us posted.
i had mine, and i thought i completely blew it. I was so nervous that my voice shook, and i didn't do anything everyone tells you to do. I missed the "sirs" and "maams" and I caught myself saying "yea" and someother "no-nos". I wanted to win them over so badly that my answers came out choppy, but i tried my best. I was half-expecting them to be hospitable, but all i got were these blank stares and occasional laughter at my jokes, so I smiled, I looked them in the eyes, everything anyone talking to you would want to look at while talking and i ended up hearing that I got the nomination the day after. how it happened? i still dont know. There were soooo many other people going for the 10 slots that it wasn't just luck. so my advice to you would be to tell the truth and go with the flow. if you're overly nervous, laugh it off and turn it into a joke. they just want to see that they're nominating someone sane and optimistic about going. If you really want this, it will show. good luck!
I think it went pretty good. I was really surprised about the amount of applicants their were. But they mostly asked about my leadership and how I would use it. All in all I really hope i got the nom.:rolleyes: