Congressional Interview Tommorow


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Oct 31, 2008
O.k, here's the deal. I have an interview with my congresswoman tommorrow. I have read all that I can about interviews here in these forums. I got keeping up on current events etc, and bringing an updated resume. Anything else? Any good advice before I take my future into my hands?:smile:
Follow up

......Also, if I survive the interview I'll post the questions.
If you've done your research, you should be good to go. But, remember to look people in the eye, shake hands firmly, and don't hesitate to take a few seconds to think about your answer. Oh! And, smile :smile: ...and remember that your Mom always told you to sit up straight for a reason -- this is one of the reasons! :shake:
I think there are somethings one must experience on his/her own. I went through my senator's interview with everything that i had read here in mind also, but forgot ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING when i walked in. My voice was shaking, i realized i must have said ma'am/sir at most 3 times, and my answers were so choppy and badly thought out. But whatever it was that they were looking for they found in me since they gave me a nomination. So what i tell you is worry about answering the questions as truthfully as possible, and tell them everything from the heart. You got this far on academics alone, and they just want to make sure that you really want to go for the right reasons.

Good luck.
be yourself! it's not terribly hard at all, show you have confidence in your actions, and in answers to their questions, and walk with poise as well as sit up straight, just like mama used to say. good luck, and may the force be with you, always!!! :thumb:
Dressy or not (as in heels and skirt or jeans and trainers)?
How long do they usually take - about?

For guys definately a Suit coat and tie. For girls it def. needs to be dressy to.

BTW Katie, you seem to be hiijacking all my posts lol.:smile:
the interviews do not last very long at all. i've heard of some taking only 10-15 minutes. mine lasted about 20 minutes for the first one and a little over 15 minutes on the second one. my third one is yet to come in december. they shouldn't be terribly long; nothing like 45 minutes or anything. if you're lucky... :shake: just kidding. it's very quick and you don't even realize you've spent a long time in the same room. have fun with the interviews, cuz i did. it was great to meet new people who represent our cities!
Ethands15, don't tell me you are from 13th Pennsylvanian District. I have an interview with my congresswoman tomorow as well. LOL.

Anyway, I am done with both of my senatorial interviews, and these are some questions that came up on both (probably important):
-US Government is willing to spend over $200,000 for your education and training. What will they get in return?
-Are you planning on making a carreer out of the Navy?
-How are you going to cope with all the physical and mental stress presented at the academy?
-What qualities do you think a good leader has, and how have you demonstrated those characteristics?

From time to time, they asked me an enormously long and complicated question, to which I did not have a direct and 'concise' answer to. What I did those situations was I tried to pick up key words and phrases, connect them together, and give my perspective on what it all means. For example: In view...geopolitical will effect the (the interviewer was asking me that question for almost a minute, I'm not kidding)

Hope this helps and good luck at your interview tomorow!
No. I'm in West Virginia. That would be so funny if we both lived in the same area! Thanks for the advice, and good luck with your interview. Let me know how it goes. Hope to see you at USNA!