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    I've been selected for an interview and was asked to submit time preferences according to their schedule. I gave them my preferences, but I haven't heard back. My interview is supposed to be next Wednesday. Should I email them about it now, or is it too early to ask? Thank you for your help.
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    You are a week away from the interview.

    It is okay for you (the candidate) to place a phone call (remember those?) to the congressional coordinator for Service Academy nominations and confirm your appointment and time.
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    I second the phone call idea.
    If you don't talk on the phone a lot, you may want to write down what you're planning on saying/asking, before you do.

    Just do you don't say something like;
    "Hey yeah, like I was wondering, if you like knew, like if you have, like, selected times for interviews on Wednesday, like yet, ya know?" :)

    You may think that's me just being funny, but my DS heard two "interviewees" in the waiting room of a MOC having a conversation like this before he went in for his interview. He told me this story when he got home and volunteered the statement: "If either one of those guys has a snowball's chance in Hell of getting a nomination, I must seem like Chester Nimitz to them".

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