Congressional Nomination Interview


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Nov 21, 2023
Good morning everyone--
I have my congressional nomination approaching (for USMA) and I have been doing a considerable amount of research online. However I am hoping people that have gone through the process prior or have any good tips can give some advice!! Thank you for the help, it is much appreciated.
Make sure you understand your reasons for wanting to attend. Think about and reflect on your past leadership experiences. Be calm and dress nicely. I can't offer fashion advice for girls as I am a male, but the guys were wearing suits for the most part.
My DS was advised to be prepared with stories (2-3 minutes long) that illustrate things like your leadership skills, an ethical dilemma, what inspired you to go to USMA, etc. The stories should reflect your character and motivation. If you have an arsenal of good stories, you can use them as apropos to particular questions. He did that and felt very good about how the interview went.
In general, look up common behavioral interviewing questions and have specific examples prepared in you answers - give an example of a time you failed and what you learned, etc. As noted above, know your “why” and be able to articulate it. Know your resume. Take hard copies of your resumes in a padfolio, just in case. Send a thank you email after
And in the personal impact area, no heavy body spray. Well-groomed hair, face, hands. Shined shoes. Pressed, well-fitting clothes.

Handshake, firm, professional, no matter if it is a man or woman, same pressure, not bone-crushing.

No trash-talking humor about services or service academies. You are not in that club yet, and you probably don’t have the experience yet to read the room.

Know your why.