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Discussion in 'Air Force Academy - USAFA' started by SP4C3M4N, Aug 2, 2016.

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    My scores for the ACT are, as of now, not qualifying. It's only my reading and science though. I have taken a prep class and based upon the post testing for that, I am capable of the getting the high 20 I want.

    The only problem I have is that the next test date is Sept. 10 and I may or may not get my scores back in time to submit them on my nomination request. Will the fact that my scores are below expectation severely impact their decision in giving me a nomination? Will they understand my timing issue? Has anyone had a similar issue?
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    What's the deadline for your MOC nomination applications? You have up til that deadline to submit everything. If you don't have the Sept 10 scores before the deadline, submit what you have and attach a note that your Sept 10 test scores will be forwarded as soon as you receive them. Also consider signing up for the SAT as some students do better on it than the ACT.

    As to non-qualifying scores and the effect on receiving a nomination, you need to remember that many other candidates (your competition) will have already taken the ACT and/or SAT numerous times throughout their high school career. (Message to freshman/sophomores -- take the test now to get a feel for it. Don't wait until the end of your junior year to take it for the first time.) I don't know if AFA superscores like WP does (taking the best subscore from multiple tests) or only uses the best composite score. For now the only thing you can do it prep hard and do the best you can. Your "timing issue" is not planning ahead.
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    USAFA does superscore.
    AFROTC does not superscore. It's best sitting (composite) score.

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