Congressman nominated me as number one candidate


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Feb 4, 2009
My contact at West Point (Captain C.) called today and told me I was my Congressman's number one Nomination for West Point in my area. What does that mean? I haven't received a letter from them and he said I wasn't guaranteed in but, I would have "my choice of schools" I call him all the time is he just appeasing me because I call him all the time? I really want this!

thank you
It depends upon what type of nomination method your congressman uses.
There is a more detailed explaination of this in the nomination forum, here is the link:

Being number one no matter which method the MOC uses is very good news.
I know the waiting is hard. Hang in there and good luck!
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Sounds like you have gotten good news from Admissions. Are you medically, academically, and physically qualified?


The Captain and I talk almost weekly now and he knows what I'm doing for all schools, USMA, USNA and ROTC. Things like, he knew I was going to The Citadel last Thursday for a pre knob visit. He's a great man and is can be very informal with our discussion at times, his exact words this time were "Your application looks very good and your Congressman named you as his number one seat so, you'll probably end up where you want to go" and then he continued on in a jovial kind of way laughing with "but don't tell anyone I said you're guaranteed to get in" We ended our call about there as he knew I was getting ready to leave for the Citadel. He also knows that West Point is my goal and I'm hoping that's what he means by "go where you want to go".

I know I'm medically qualified and physically qualified, but he's never said if I'm academically qualified; I think I am.
Best of luck to you, TinMan, as you wait to is still early in the "Appointment Season".
Congrats, Tinman for getting that nonimantion. Since you speak to your WP contact weekly, couldn't you ask him if you're academically q'd? My understanding from reading through this forums is that, if you're 3 Q'd with a principal nomination, you're in.