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    Hello, my name is Constantine.

    I am applying to the United States Military Academy at West Point. My step-father, and father were both in the Army, and I want to serve as well.

    My academic profile is as such:
    -3.475 GPA
    -Top 36% of my class
    -6 AP Classes by graduation
    (Composite): 27
    (Math): 25
    (English): 26
    (Reading): 28
    (Sci Reas): 28
    (Writing): 24
    (Reading): 600
    (Math): 550
    (Writing): 500
    (Composite): 1650 [w/ writing] 1150 [w/o writing]
    -Air Force JROTC Lieutenant Colonel, Vice Corps Commander
    -12th Congressional District, Georgia
    -Applying to North Georgia College and State University for ROTC Scholarship as well
    -Recipiant of various AFJROTC awards and commendations

    Nomination Progress:
    -I have everything collected with the exception of an update high school transcript with 6 semesters of grades, and the final letter of recommendation out of the three required.

    - My main goal is to attend the USMA, and become an, Infantry, Intelliegence, or Psychological Operations Officer in the United States Army.
    - My secondary goal is to attend North Georgia College and State University, and then apply to the USMA at the end of my freshman year/ OR attend North Georgia College and State University under the Simultaneous Membership Program with the Army Reserve for my freshman year, and still apply to the USMA but with a Commanders Endorsement as well.
    -My tertiary goal is to attend North Georgia College and State University, but under the CIA Undergraduate Scholarship Program and enter the CIA with a position depending on whatever I major in.

    And thats about it, if anyone has any questions or would like to offer advice, both would be welcome.

    Very Respectfully,

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