Contacting senator


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Jan 23, 2017
Hi! I received my nomination for USNA from senator Roy Blunt in Missouri last week on 1/24. I accepted the nomination and they replied, acknowledging that I had. The deadline is tomorrow and my USNA portal still says no nomination received. I'm sure the senator's nomination committee wouldn't just forget to submit a nomination, but it's t-1 day and I'm getting nervous not seeing it in my portal. Should I contact Blunt's nomination committee tomorrow inquiring about when my nomination will be sent in? Thanks!
Nominations are due January 31st. I wouldn't worry. You can contact them but I'm sure if they haven't already submitted them, then they will tomorrow.
In addition, sometimes there is a delay between the MOC submitting their slate and a nomination showing on a candidate's portal. Be patient, trust the system.