Contacting the Admissions Office via Email

sci-fi girl

Feb 28, 2017
Has anyone else tried to email admissions and received an error message? It may just be my computer glitching, but on the two separate occasions I've tried to email them this has happened. I copied the email right off of the official WP website and this still happened. Is this a recurring problem someone knows how to fix or just my computer?
Hmmmm... I suggest writing to your RC, the regional diversity officer, and the regional admissions support person from their emails on the admissions page. Just do a blast with your question and explaining the difficulties you have been having with correspondence.

You could also try calling on Monday.

Good luck.
I have gotten the error message before, but I still got a response a couple of days later. It can't hurt to email the RC though.

I am in the Great Lakes region.