Contents of BFE


Apr 22, 2016
So... this makes DS sound really disorganized but he generally isn't. BFE came and Ds was excited to be a winner. Now he is getting ready to send in his acceptance and it Seems another member of the family may have discarded the envelope thinking it was empty. He was able to print a new letter from his portal but we don't have any of the other info that was in the envelope. Any suggestions?
There were also instructions and on the last page an acknowledgement that has to be signed and sent back with letter of intent. Have him call cadet command and ask if duplicate can be emailed.
Looking online it looks like there was something else besides the acceptance letter that he needs to sign. Help!!!
The second page/info page is an additional signature page that says this at the top.... "To be Returned with your Notification of Intent." -- Maybe someone can e-mail you a copy if theirs is blank. Mine has already been signed. (Page 9)