Contracting Packet


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Mar 11, 2007
Anybody else in AROTC get a massive packet with all the contracting paperwork lately? This thing is very VERY intimidating. Anybody who's been through it got any advice?
My daughter's enrollment Officer told me last spring that after they move in, the Prof of Mil Science meets with all Scholarship Cadets and goes over all paperwork with them so they understand it all.
He also said they don't get their scholarship until they pass the APFT and they have the whole semester to do so....... they also don't get their monthly stipend until they pass. They don't back pay. Therefore if you don't pass the first go you will probably lose the first month etc. Same with medical waivers.

Anyway, she isn't going ROTC she is going to MMI.

If you are overwhelmed and you are fairly close to your school - the call and go pay your ROTC unit a visit. I am sure they would be more than happy to help you out and explain things to you.
A distant cousin of mine is a VMI Grad, he's home visiting his mom and pop and I asked him to help me out because it says the forms haven't been updated since 1997. Some of the forms are easy to fill out, like a request for my Dog Tags and the Direct Deposit form and stuff like that, but the Academic Planner (Where I have to plan out all four years of my college track) and some of the other DOD standard forms are like jibberish.