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Dec 2, 2007
I am a community college student crossed enrolled in UCLA's AROTC program. Now that I have enough credits to transfer, I can contract (once I get my acceptance letter). The thing is I am also applying to USMA. Will contracting help or lower my chances of getting in to USMA? Should I not contract at all and apply to USMA? I love ROTC but USMA is where I really want to go. Help.

ps. I am an MSII and will be an MSIII this year meaning I will have to go to LDAC in 09.
I don't think contracting will either help or hinder your USMA application.
The decision to contract is yours as is the decision to apply to USMA. You may want to contract in case you do not get an appointment - then you will be on track. I think all MS III must be contracted - am I right here? So contracting will be a back up to USMA.
If you are contracted and get an appt to USMA then you are released from your contract - that is not a big deal to the Army. If you do go to USMA then you will begin as a plebe and complete 4 years.
If you are going to be a junior in college, you will be commissioned as an officer in the US Army in 2010. If you decide next year to apply to USMA then you will be in the class of 2013 and will not be commissioned until 2013.
Both are excellent options but applying to USMA now will delay your commissioning three years.