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Dec 13, 2007
My daughter is starting AROTC this fall semester and she has been told she has to contract as soon as she passes the physical aptitude test. We had been told originally (when applying) that contracting did not take place until after the first year. In other word we were told: you have one year to make up your mind. If you decide after one year that army is not what you want to do, you can leave, and you owe nothing. I understand the army is taking chances by doing this, but she feels pressured right now... Does anyone on the forum know if this is a new policy, is anyone out there experiencing the same situation. I greatly appreciate any concrete answer or comment you might have. Thank you so much!
I assume that she is starting her freshman year on an AROTC scholarship? The contract now is for this year and is needed to start drawing her stipend and get her benefits paid-she will still have her year to decide (part of the contract). Her obligation will begin on the first school day of next year. Up until then she can bail out if she so chooses- after that she is on the hook. My niece just decided to forego her scholarship this week just prior to the start of sophomore classes at a civilian university with no hassle from the army - meanwhile my son contracted at VMI this summer as a freshman. Your daughter should rest assured she will have an obligation-free year to decide.

:thumb:Thank you so much, this makes a lot of sense.
PS: I love your quote....