Conway speech motivates high school students


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May 5, 2007

The Marine Corps’ top officer gave 1,000 high school juniors a dose of “Marine Corps-style” leadership advice, urging them to be assertive when pursuing their goals.

“In the absence of orders, attack. Be aggressive,” Commandant Gen. James Conway said during his keynote address at Missouri Boys State on June 16 in Warrensburg, Mo....

...“In our Corps, officers eat last,” he said. “In the field, officers wait until everyone has gone through the [chow] line. There’s great symbolism in that. It’s a great way of life when you are a leader. Make sure you take care of your people first, and yourself second.”...

This is the same for the Navy Seabees.
Sadly, it ISN'T that way in the rest of the Navy.

It's funny, but when I was a 1/C Mid, my roommate was my squad leader. That semester, he always had the Plebes serve themselves first, then the 3/C, then the 2/C, etc. IOW, exactly the opposite of the usual.

I thought he was nuts, but looking back, he was right.