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Apr 13, 2007
This has probably been addressed somewhere on this forum but I cannot find it so I will ask. We received the admission packet and my daughter accepted but since then we have heard nothing from West Point. I have read other posts that say a packing list and other information has been received. Is this normal to not hear from WP? Is there anywhere on the official WP site that lists what needs and can be brought to Beast? Time is getting short and I do not want my daughter getting there and find she is lacking something essential.
Thanks for the information.
After West Point receives the acceptance some additional things will show up on her candidate login screen (boot letter, measurement, travel information), so check that. My son got his offer on April 13th and returned the card right away. When I spoke to him last Friday on the phone he hadn't received anything else in the mail yet. I will check with him again via email (he's in New Mexico) and get back to you.
I already got a reply from my son (he's quick today). He has not received anything more via mail. He does have something called “Instructions for Candidates Offered Admissions” and I have been told there is a packing list is in that.