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Discussion in 'Service Academy Parents' started by BlackKnight2016, Mar 7, 2014.

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    My Yuk may be participating in a summer Academic Individual Advanced Development (AIAD) internship and was wondering how the associated costs are covered. If he was headed to Redstone Arsenal, I would expect he would be put up in some form of barracks for lodging, mess hall for food and no real transportation required. What if your AIAD was set up with say a private employer like Raytheon? Do we as parents have to figure out how to find a 6 week apartment lease, figure out transportation to/from office to apt? I would assume transportation to from WP to the AIAD is covered. I don't mind picking up food costs and bus fares, but I have no idea how to help with setting up lodging from 3,000 miles away. Please this post isn't about helicopter parenting, I just need to know how to support my kid and what falls on us, my cadet and the school.
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    When doing an AIAD, the host company typically arranges for housing at a residence inn type hotel - the Academy reimburses for food after the fact, but arranges for travel to/from and pays for the travel. Your cadet should confirm that housing is arranged. Also, while they get a per diem, they only have so many weeks to put in for reimbursement - and he should keep records/receipts.

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