Could my school commandant nominate me?

Discussion in 'Nominations' started by jadeyvn, Nov 8, 2009.

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    I attend the new public Marine Math and Science Military Academy in Chicago and am curious if my commandant/SMI, LtCol. Michael Stewart, USMC ret., were to write me a letter of reccommendation to the USNA, would it help me any? I've known him since my freshman orientation in September 2007.

    Or, could my MI, SgtMaj. Thomas Smith, USMC ret., write me one as well? I've also known him since September 2007.

    I'm currently a junior and graduate in June 2011.
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    Dear J,
    Unfortunately, my guess is that the answer is both "maybe" and "no".
    I'm not sure you understand the correct use of the words "Nomination" and "Recommendation". If you are a part of a JROTC unit, and it is an 'Honor" unit, there is a possibility that you can get a "Nomination" from the unit Commander.
    The Commandant or SgtMaj 'MAY', if invited, write a Letter of Recommendation for other Nomination sources (Members of Congress).
    Letters of Recommendation to USNA are often restricted to your Math and English teachers.
    It sounds like (in your other posts) you are doing a great job with your grades and activities and would be considered for a Service Academy. You should take some time to learn the different jobs the Academy (ies) offer. The Academy jobs (service after Graduation) are often refered to as being at "the tip of the spear'. If you seek service through ROTC, the number of jobs expand. Through your hard work you are placing yourself in an excellent position to attend a wide range of schools and wider range of scholarships. You show good taste in looking at the Naval Academy, but don't be afraid to cast a wider net and look at other options.
    You will make mistakes in the process. It is an odd and unique process to apply to a Service Academy. Your early start and posting here can give you a great advantage. Continue your hard work. Don't give up. I'll PM you with some other references.
    Good Luck.

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