Could you lead a man like this?

Discussion in 'Academy/Military News' started by Zaphod, Feb 2, 2009.

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    A question for all the applicants here. A SERIOUS question...

    You are applying to one of the finest institutions of learning and leadership in the world. You've heard the stories, read the threads, seen the movies. But let me give you another viewpoint.

    As you envision yourself getting into USxA and later becoming an officer, ask yourself this, and be hideously honest with yourself: Will you be able to lead a man like this?

    'Our last living link' to WWI

    It's a three-page article, so I won't post it all here.

    Attending USxA isn't about a degree or a fancy uniform or adulation from parents and friends. It's about LEADERSHIP, and you will be expected to lead people like this man.

    Are you up for it? :smile:
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    That's quite an incredible story. What a man!
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    As i was browsing the forum i stumbled accross your post. Very profound, Zaphod. Until not too long ago their were quite of few scattered about between England, France, and the United States. They got to live so old after surviving such an ordeal of a war. My own grandfather fought in WWI. My mother recently sent me an article about life in the trenches (or lack thereof) and the utter misery of what they faced day in and day out. And then, they came back home, they was no psychological support in those days , they did not even have a name for PTSD... I wonder if they are any men of this caliber left on the face of the earth. But yes, I agree, when all is said and done, this is what it is about!:thumb:

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