Counselor erased email!!


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Jun 25, 2008
Hi guys, I'm a candidate for the class of 2013. I gave the email of my former senior guidance counselor (I will be an incoming college freshmen) to fill out the Candidate Activities Record and the Candidate Academic Information . When I went to school today to check up on the process he said he had accidentally erased both emails so I was wondering if there was anyway these emails could be resent. Also, he mentioned he had sent the transcript but I sent that myself into the academy so, was he supposed to resend it or is it another type of transcript? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

PS. I already sent an email to my regional director.. But does anyone know anything about this?:thumbdown::confused:
It's ok. Admissions will resend another email.
Normally an "Official" transcript - embossed with the school seal- is sent directly from the school. If this is what he sent- terrific.
I sent the exact same transcript with the seal and everything. Candidates are asked to send in their own official transcripts to the academy as well (as a college student I need to send in two) thats why I'm was a bit confused.