Count Down to I-Day

Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by LadderdaddyO, Jun 16, 2010.

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    The Count Down to I-Day has officially started in our house. Its to bad we can't stop the clock for a little more time. Days seem to be flying be like hours.
    My DD has put together what she is calling her bucket list. Last night we were able to check off a ball game with a Yankees win. This week will be filled with beach/haircut/6 flags/etc. I'm trying to include bubble wrap and I don't think the haircut was on the list. Also she has a meeting with our Senator that nominated her for appointment. See ya all on I-Day I'll be the one trying to hold back my tears of pride.
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    Somehow I don't think "the one trying to hold back tears..." will help me recognize you! :yllol: Glad your plebe-to-be was able to check Yankee Win off her bucket list since that was kind of out of her hands.:biggrin:

    Realized earlier that we will be IN ANNAPOLIS two weeks from today!

    Our beach trip was cancelled due to black stuff in the water.:thumbdown: Grad party this Saturday then just 10 days left...:eek:

    How is everyone holding up?
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    Had DS graduation party on Sunday - our neighbors son also went to the Academy and as a gift they passed down his lacrosse helmet to our son - he made a great speech. Son had a great time - all his buds were there.

    There isn't enough time left and I'm starting to panic :)

    Friends Graduation party tomorrow, Son's graduation on Friday, group vacation next week with 15 of son's friends families, then down to Annapolis on Monday for the week (we need to be there Monday for a picnic at the lacrosse coaches house).

    it's going to quickly :) Someone make it stop!

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