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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by sleepo9, Dec 28, 2008.

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    Ok this is probably the most difficult question in here, so here it goes. When I first started college I was in the AFROTC went through field training and first semester of the 300 year. I was an engineering student one thing led to another and my grades fell and I was kicked out. When my suspension was over I enrolled into the college and tried to go back to the AF, but the commander told me no, so I enrolled in Army ROTC. I am contracted with the Army and I am also an end of camp commissionee. My question, is it possible to cross commission into the Air Force and go active duty, if so what are the steps to get this done?
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    I suppose that anything is possible but frankly I would think that your chances are poor to non-existent at best given that you were already disenrolled by the Air Force coupled with the reality that the Army's demand for junior officers is expanding significantly while the AF is going in the opposite direction (hence the entire Army Blue to Green program for rebranching AF officers into the Army). A question for you- don't you feel an obligation to the Army given that they took you on and have been paying you while the AF has already told you no? And if you don't feel that obligation- why not? Doesn't signing a contract and taking money from the Army imply to you that you are committing to them both legally and morally?

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