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    Cadet Command Detachment provides the following items to Cadets attending CST 15 at Fort Knox:

    T00041 8415-01-529-9507 IPFU/APFU TRUNKS, PR 2
    T16401 8415-01-465-7362 IPFU/APFU T-SHIRT, SS 2
    P12029 8415-01-519-9106 Patrol Cap, no cat eyes 1
    S89914 8440-01-508-3357 Socks, (Blk/Grn) 2
    T24671 8415-01-519-8782 T-Shirt, Cotton, Sand Colored 4
    ACU Leadership Excellence (Cadet Command) Patches 2
    Belt, reflective (yellow) 1
    B90343 8414-01-526-5346 Belt, Tan (Riggers) 1
    B15384 B13584 8430-01-514-4935 (HW) 8430-01-516-1506 (TEM) Boots, Temperate or Hot Weather Combat boots, well worn and broken in (DO NOT bring Extreme Cold Weather (ECW) boots) 2
    Bungee Cords, med size (black/brown/green/ACU) 4
    Cadet Handbook 1
    Camouflage Stick- Green/Loam 1
    C96536 8465-01-115-0026 Coat, ACU 4
    B14729 8465-01-604-6541 Bag Duffel 1
    C10345 8415-01-586-0103 550 Cord (10m) (GRN/BLK)
    DA1556 4240-01-516-3460 4240-01-552-4142 Eye Protection (from Army Approved Eyewear List) 1
    J62858 8415-01-527-4653 Gloves Light Duty Green or Black (gloves other than US Army issue i.e. nomex or shooters type gloves are allowed ( black, green, ACU pattern). Palm must be leather.) 1
    P17415 8405-01-547-2555 Protractor, Map 2
    US Army, ACU Velcro 3
    Tape Name, ACU Velcro 3
    Trousers, ACU 4
    T85614 8415-01-519-8277 US Flag Patches (non subdued) 2
    E63317 6605-01-196-6971 Lensatic Compass 1
    B13907 8465-00-530-3692 Bag, Barracks 2 ea
    B14729 8465-01-604-6541 Bag Duffel 2 ea
    B15825 8465-00-261-6909 Bag, Waterproof 2 ea
    C28472 8415-01-521-8808 Cover, Helmet UCP 1 ea
    C96536 8465-01-115-0026 Canteen, 1 Quart Water Plastic 2 ea
    DA1556 8415-01-530-2157 Elbow Pads 1 pr
    DA1588 8415-01-530-2350 Knee Pads 1 pr
    DA6506 8465-01416-8517 Bivy Cover Sleeping 1 ea
    DA650F 8465-01-524-8368 Pack Frame, Molle 1 ea
    DA6517 8465-01-524-7232 Belt, Molded Waist 1 ea
    DA652Z 8465-01-524-7240 Straps, Shoulder 1 pr
    DA653Y 8465-01-524-5232 Hydration System carrier w/Bladder 1 ea
    DA654J 8565-01-524-5285 Pack, Patrol Main Molle (RUCKSACK LG) 1 ea
    DA654S 8465-01-524-7638 External Medical MO (in lieu of Case First Aid) 1 ea
    DA655K 8465-01-525-0577 Carrier, Fighting Load (FLC) 1 ea
    DA655V 8465-01-524-7226 Pouch, Sustainment 2 ea
    DA6562 8465-01-525-0606 Pouch, Magazine M4 2 Mg 3 ea
    DA657E 8465-01524-5250 Pack, Assault 1 ea
    DA6588 8465-01-525-0585 Pouch, Canteen Gen Purp 1 ea
    DA658Z 8465-01-398-0685 Bag, Patrol, Modular (Sleeping ) 1 ea
    L70789 8405-01-547-2559 Liner, Wet Weather, Poncho 1 ea
    DA659E 8465-01-398-5428 Stuff Sack Compression 1 ea
    DA6593 8465-01-525-0589 Pouch, Grenade 2 ea
    F54817 8465-00-165-6838 Cup, Canteen 1 ea
    H53175 8470-01-529-6344 Helmet, Ballistic 1 ea
    M24944 8465-01-393-6515 Mat Sleeping (Foam Pad or Self inflating) 1 ea
    P05813 8415-01-527-4614 Parka Wet Weather 1 ea
    P17415 8405-01-547-2555 Poncho Wet Weather 1 ea
    H53175 8470-01-529-6344 Helmet, Band Camoflauge 1 ea
    * Issue to LEM cadets if time and supplies permit. Otherwise LEM cadets will receive full issue at Ft. Knox CIF.
    Ind. Cadet provides the following items for CST 15 at Fort Knox:
    Civilian Apparel- For 'off duty activities' while at CST (i.e. 4th of July) the prescribed 'uniform' is Khaki Pants or conservative length khaki shorts, School colors or solid Color (preferably School and/or ROTC branded) polo style golf shirt. (NO inappropriate clothing, tank tops, t-shirts with foul/profane language, short shorts, etc.) Weather appropriate shoes 2 sets
    Locks (Combination, keys get lost) 3
    Gallon Size Zip-Lock Bags 10
    Undergarment, cotton 7 minimum
    Wristwatch 1
    Washcloths, White or Brown 3
    Bath Towels, White or Brown 3
    Shoes, Shower 1
    Shoes, Running 1
    Socks, Athletic Socks, plain white, (Must cover/above ankle but no higher than mid calf. No stripes or logos) 6
    Identification Tag w/medical tags if required 1 SET
    Flashlight or Mini-Mag w/red lens (with extra batteries and bulb) 1
    Whistle 1
    Note Writing Pad, pocket size As Req
    Pencils (mechanical 0.5mm), Black Ink Pens As Req
    Bug spray (DEET) As Req
    Personal Hygiene Items (min 30 day supply required) As Req
    Shaving Cream As Req
    Razor w/4blades As Req
    Toothbrush As Req
    Toothpaste As Req
    Nail Clipper As Req
    Soap bar w / Soap Container or Bottle(unscented) As Req
    Comb / Brush (if needed) As Req
    Baby wipes/cleansing towelettes As Req
    Deodorant As Req
    Prescription medications in the original container with attached label (no narcotics). No over-the-counter medications that contain pseudoephedrine. MUST DECLARE DURING MEDICAL IN PROCESSING As Req
    Laundry Detergent (High Efficiency only) As Req
    Mandatory Female additional items: QTY
    Sport bras, suitable for running 5
    Hair accessories, plain design, matching hair color As Req
    Personal Feminine Hygiene Items (20 days for the Field in the A bag or Ruck Sack) As Req
    Cadet Provides OPTIONAL QTY
    Mirror, small, portable, shaving 1
    Terrain Model Kit (for use during tactical training) 1
    Sewing Kit 1
    Moleskin (highly recommended) 1
    Coat Hangers 5
    Beads, Pace Count 1
    Swimming Suit (conservative style - one piece for females) 1
    Camera (optional) As Req
    Shorts, spandex, grey or black, no logo 2
    Revised 30 MAR 2015
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    I got the call on Sunday from my son telling me that there was going to be a charge on my credit card as they had to have everything for an inspection by wednesday

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