CULP Questions


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Mar 25, 2017
I toured a couple different ROTC programs and both talked about CULP programs. I was wondering if anyone had any experience on CULP programs or if they had any tips that helped you get selected for a CULP trip?
I'm not exactly sure what you're asking and I don't know what process they use to decide who gets chosen for CULP. My daughter was chosen to go to the Ukraine and her assignment was going to be teaching English to some folks there. She ended up not being able ago because she had to get surgery on her knee. My son was chosen for a CULP mission in Guyana ands was a "military operations" mission sop they trained with a group of soldiers from the Army of Guyana. They did simulated missions in helicopters, river boats and did a survival type mission where they were in the jungle on their own for 24 hours. He had a great time and made lifelong friends that he still communicates with.

Here is a video that one of the cadets put together....
It is my understanding that cadets apply for CULP and are chosen from a national pool (in other words, battalions are not guaranteed a certain number of spots). Like most things ROTC, they are looking at an overall profile: good grades, good pt scores, other leadership roles, etc. One of my sons went to Liberia last summer. Their mission was teaching English, providing some humanitarian support, training the Liberian army, and reaching out to the community. It was an amazing experience.