curious... what my chance


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Jan 21, 2008
complete application...
considered USAFA candidate

complete application...
considered USAFA candidate

USAFA summer seminar 2007
three nominations : house rep., senator, and JROTC
good ALO evals.
decent CFA scores
top 10% of HS class
1200 SAT score (math & verbal)
26 ACT composite
excellent recommendations
good writing samples
varsity sports : awards, etc.
JROTC : wing commander + 30 awards
all that extra curricular stuff
JROTC Honors Camp

chances of appointment???
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well you got one up on me, i go to a rural school with a grad class of about 150 so JROTC and CAP isnt offered even close. I dont know if those give a huge advantage but its one thing i notice that I am personally missing that you have...

Just curious what were some of your CFA scores?
SAT seems fair, I am retakin this Saturday to help get mine up around 1300 hopefully, I am at about 1190 now, but my ACT is a 29 so it is competetive...

do you possibly have another source of contact? it seems we have very similar packages and maybe we can shed some light on each other in this nasty waiting process???

March could not come soon enough...