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Discussion in 'Merchant Marine Academy - USMMA' started by CharginC, Nov 14, 2014.

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    Hello all!

    I have two questions regarding the USMMA, both pertaining to applying as an Active Duty enlisted personnel.

    First, where would I get information on how to apply while active, if possible? For an AD Sailor within the age limits, is there any official obstacle to applying?

    My second question is about cross-commissioning. Is it possible to apply to USMMA as an AD Sailor then commission into a different branch (by means of following that branch's collateral duty, like Army's or the Corps' extracurriculars and so forth)?

    A final separate question, as one interested in engineering, is the Marine Engineering program inclusive of a lot of Electrical Engineering? The available courses look very interesting but not as broad as those available at the other academies.... Perhaps limiting? An outstanding opportunity, I'm sure, but potentially limiting of future civilian jobs and/or graduate school.

    Thank you all for your assistance!

    Very respectfully,
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    There is no separate process for applying from active duty. If you still have time left on your contract you'll need some kind of recommendation from you CO to get cut loose early, but you'll apply just like everyone else straight out of high school. Maybe call our naval science department here to see if they can help you any.

    You can apply for a commission in any branch you'd like, but as always needs of the service dictate a lot. Air Force seems most difficult, Marine Corps a little less, and Navy, Army, and Coast Guard seem like the most do-able.

    I think what you're trying to say is that the choice of available majors isn't very broad, which I'd agree with. The individual majors are all very broad, they cover everything you need to know in order to run a merchant ship, with a 10 person engine room, steam, diesel, electrical, the whole gambit gets covered. So while the number of majors is limited, you get a truly broad education. I've never heard of this being a limiting factor for grad school either. There is a reason the people who build nuclear submarines recruit so hard here, its the combination of real world experience and book knowledge. The hands on experience you get here seems to set folks up to be more successful than people at traditional schools.
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    You college choices are only job limiting when it comes to that first job. After that your opportunities are limitless.

    If you wanted to be a practicing Electircal Engineer the courses at KP may not be enough to land that job right out of school. It's not a definite, but a maybe. The Marine Engineering degree(s) won't stop you from pursuing grad school in any Engineering discipline.

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