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    Sorry. If this is a waste of space, but for the past few weeks i've been psyching my self out reading a lot of your guy's troubles with the whole process. Even after I took the medical I thought I did horribly on the hearing test, was worried about the urine test because I do workout regularly. ( I stopped a few days prior).

    I'm just wondering if this status means I'm through with this process. I thought for sure I would have to get a waiver for my astigmatism or something. This process literally took a week for my apointments, and for it to be reviewed.

    If this does mean I'm all set. I'm super excited for my future:) (smping) and I hope that the dod process goes as smoothly for everyone else as it did for me.

    From your guys experience were they open during the exam did they inform you if everything was fine or if something was wrong? I felt like I had to ask about everything or I would of been in and out of my medical in like 15 minutes. The only discussion aside from me trying to get answers would be like "Lift your shirt, drop your trousers" etc..

    15-APR-11 Application Added
    15-APR-11 Date applicant entered into DoDMERB system
    03-MAY-11 Actual date of exam
    05-MAY-11 Date exam received at DoDMERB
    05-MAY-11 Medical data entry
    06-MAY-11 Date exam reviewed
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    That means you are done! :)
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