"Current Studies" Format on Personal Data Record


Sep 15, 2016
Hi all, was just finishing up my personal data record and had a question about how anyone else formatted the "Current Studies" page. It asks for the class and then the semester that it's being taken, and says in the instructions that 'First' or 'Second' is acceptable in the semester. However, it doesn't allow enough room for "First, Second" in the semester box...am I supposed to separate them? (e.g:

Course | Semester
English Lit. First
English Lit. Second

It seemed really repetitive but there's a ton of boxes, so I didn't know if this was how they wanted it. Thanks.
I just wrote 12th grade, I think the point of adding those instructions was to make sure people didn't put their sememester grades. I don't think you have to choose from the list of examples, just denote what term/year/semester you are taking the class in.