CVW dates for winter/spring 2015?

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    Does anybody know the dates for CVW for winter/spring 2015? DS wants to ask his admissions rep if he can attend one, prior to accepting his appointment, but we would like to know available dates to check sports schedules, etc. first. I searched USNA admission's website and could not find any info.
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    I requested a cvw too late this semester and got this email(on October 30th) in response:

    The last CVW scheduled for this Fall is next weekend and it is full. There are CVWs in the Spring (dates TBD) but those are reserved for Juniors and current candidates with offers of appointments (hopefully that'll be you). You may try and set-up an individual CVW through MIDN ______. He would have to get permission from his chain of command for you to come and attend class with him and then stay the night in Bancroft Hall (usually fairly easy to get approval). Hope that helps. Take care.

    It's been a while since this email so the dates may have been scheduled, but like this email states, you can request a special cvw even on a non drag weekend. Hope this helps.

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