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Jan 6, 2013
So my DD was invited to CVW three times. She accepted and attended the first offer. Does anybody have a feel as to why she got three invites to CVW? I want her to at least reach out so others get this chance but I'm told not to do that.

When NASS opened she applied. I let her know not to get her hopes too high as it is a recruiting tool. Nothing on NASS to date as expected. As I now understand it from some discussion points if you get CVW it is highly unlikely they will offer NASS. Is this accurate information?

On another note she surprised me by reaching out to the coach at USNA for her sport. He has not replied and my guidance was to tell her to just wait. It has been two weeks; should she circle around and reach out again or wait a little longer?
System probably messed up. She should only be going once. You are spot on for NASS. The Coach will reach out when they have time and if they are interested. If her stats are good enough they will take notice and reach out. I would wait.
Agree with Hoops. Sounds like someone at admissions did not check her off the list of future CVW invites.
There are lots of rumors of about if someone gets NASS they won't get a CVW and vice versa. There is not hard and fast rule on any of this. NASS uses lots of data points for selection to include self reported scores. It is a marketing tool, don't worry too much about NASS or a CVW. Neither add points or are make/break items. They are great to inform and educate.
I do not believe going to CVW affects your chances of getting into NASS. As a junior, I went to a CVW in November and went to NASS the following summer, but I had heard some rumors when I applied that they tend to pick candidates who might be more "on the fence" about the Academy to attend NASS in order to convince them to apply. Many of my friends, however, attended both CVW and NASS. I think it's probably best to do everything USNA offers is possible as it shows your interest and commitment to finding out everything you can about the Academy.
USNA doesn't use CVWor NASS acceptance as an admittance criteria. For those with financial conflicts or other reasons they might not be able to attend. A BGO interview would 'help tell this story.' Go if you can. Scope it out and decide if it's right for you.
While we are on this subject, DD2 (junior) just got another CVW invite in her email this afternoon (someone in admissions was working from home on a snow day)! She applied (2 weeks after it opened) and was accepted to NASS last month. That says a lot about the separate concepts/intents about NASS and CVW. For the sake of discussion/(re)consideration, I am in the Navy on active duty station and live in Maryland (not USNA). All three had applied and accepted to NASS, and were offered CVW (DD class of '18 and DS class of '20). We did see the change that was posted in many threads about CVW being offered to juniors with DD2 since early last fall.

To those who think you live in DMV (what we call D.C., Maryland and Virginia in this area) and will have little to zero chance to get accepted for NASS, I say apply and give it your best shot because you could knock out the CFA in June and check it off. I believe your stats and your essay in the application have the most influence in your selection. That said, it is also true that admissions always remind candidates over one third of Mids never attended NASS.

If you did not apply for NASS because you think you have a slim chance, you have two weeks before the application closes. Best of luck!