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    I was just wondering exactly the importance of a CVW. I attended Session 1 of NASS but never received anything about a CVW/have not been invited to attend a CVW. Is this a bad thing? Are most candidates receiving CVW's? I have completed my application aside from my med exam and just wanted clarification on this. Thanks
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    It is not a bad thing. You can always request one. The website provides instructions on how to request one. Take a look at some old CVW threads as this is addressed literally dozens of times each year. The old threads give insight to what to bring, what the experience is like, why folks should attend or not attend, what its purpose is, impact on admissions, etc. The CVW is a great way to get insight into the "real USNA." Summer Seminar is a recruiting event and is very tailored to provide info to high school kids. Summer Seminar is a great program, but a CVW allows you to live and move around the actual Brigade, not a summer program that is tailored. You get to see what day to day life is like as a Plebe and upperclass, ask questions, attend classes, see what life is like in Mother B.

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