CVW1 - anyone else?


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Feb 6, 2017
DS is heading to CVW1, scored decent airfare. Anyone else wanna chat with someone else going? DS gave me permission to hand out a Skype name or phone number if so!
Just put DS on the Redeye to Baltimore. Can't wait to hear all the stories and what his impressions are when he gets home!

Would enjoy others' impressions as well.
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DS is attending CVW Sept. 21-23 as well. Looking forward to it. Have never been to Annapolis.
DS is attending CVW Sept. 21-23 too - we're coming from the Seattle area. I'm attending the parents portion of the visit so am interested to see everything! I've never been to Annapolis either.
We are from TN and have been to Annapolis many times. You will fall in love with the city and the Academy!
Chow is one of the delights of the Annapolis area. See this thread:

Annapolis Restaurants/Where To Eat 2016/ I-Day CVW Visit Graduation PPW

There are many threads on visiting Annapolis. Standard recommendations are attending the Admissions brief (see, taking the walking tour (google USNA Visitor Center).

You can walk in with your govt photo ID or driver's license if from a compliant state, more details at this link.

Park in the Hillman public garage off Main St. There is metered street parking as well as free spots, but read all signs carefully. The free spots usually have strict time limits and times of day, and residents with stickered cars who are entitled to park there 24/7 don't hesitate to call the parking enforcers, as parking is at a premium for residents who don't have off street parking.

There is an Annapolis Visitor Center at the water end of Main St.

Great town for walking!
Thank you Capt MJ--always enjoy your informative posts. Look forward to experiencing Annapolis and learning more about the Academy during the parent portion of CVW. Have heard the food and town are wonderful. Coming from a great distance, so want to get the most out of the short time there.
DS had a big lunch at Chick and Ruth's before reporting in. He got to visit the Crypotlogic Museum before lunch. As an IW hopeful he loved this at the museum. 1504821989092.jpg
A few other fun places.... Pussers on the Water for Breakfast , lunch or dinner... or even cocktails and appetizers...Its fun to sit on the water and watch all the boats come and go. Iron Rooster is awesome! Federal House is a solid restaurant with great atmosphere and delicious crabcakes!

And totally agree with the Hillman parking garage.... its been my go-to for the last 3 years... just park, walk around and no stress!
Look forward to experiencing Annapolis and learning more about the Academy during the parent portion of CVW. Have heard the food and town are wonderful.

The parent portion of the CVW includes a comprehensive tour of The Yard. You will get to see the basement and labs in Rickover Hall. A much better tour than the standard tour given by the visitors center.

As for food... Two of my favorites just outside of Gate 1 are Sofi's and Iron Rooster. Further up Main Street, you will find Kilwins (Ice Cream), Chick & Ruth's Delly, and Mason's (Lobster Rolls). Even further up (West Street), there's Rams Head and Miss Shirley's.

We will be there for 2/C weekend (09/22-09/24), but arriving early to hit up the Amish Market. I have the good Capt MJ to thank for that find. "Say hello to my pecan sticky buns..." ;)
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DS was told he would be put on the fall CVW list, but no notification. :(
DS had a blast!

PT was just like what he does at home, and his squat form was used as an example to the group. Way to stand out, bum out. Hah.

Classes were as expected. Food was, too. He loved seeing Tecumseh in person all dressed for the home opener.

His plebe host had YP duty during the parade, so, oh darn, he got his first sail.

At dinner last night he said he felt like he belonged, but out of place not being in uniform. That sealed the deal with him on his desire to obtain an appointment.

His hosts were kind and informative and hauled in half a dozen company mates to chat with him about their experiences and how best to manage time, handle girlfriends and leaving home, etc. His plebe host tried to give him the "why you should come to Navy" talk but they said he didn't need it. He said the brotherhood feeling was real, tangible and exactly what he is looking for. Kudos to the guys for giving of their free time to do that with my kid.

I thought he was motivated before, this weekend really proved his desire for a challenging opportunity to grow and lead.