Cyberspace Going To Air Combat Command (ACC)


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Just got word from the 24th AF Commander that they are merging 24AF and 25AF into a single Numbered Air Force under ACC. *Which in my opinion is great. But AFSOC would be better :)*. This merger is supposed to:
- generate unity of command and unity of effort for Cyberspace Operations
-improve intelligence support to cyber operations
-not break the ground ISR enterprise or impede Cyber Mission Force (CMF) build/ operations.

There has always been scrutiny on Cyberspace Operations being Air Force Space Command (24AF). I personally believed that we should've been under ACC or AFSOC (Air Force Special Operations).


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Interesting. From the space side of things, I think that makes a lot of sense since space is really it's own world and 14 AF and 24 AF don't seem to interact an awful lot (that I've noticed). I haven't heard about the move yet though...any idea when it's supposed to happen? And totally understand that ISR support to specific mission fields is a hot topic now, especially in AFSPC with the introduction of SMF and intel-driven training.


It was discussed during the Corona. I imagine within the year. I'll post what the 24AF CC sent us when I have access to my email.