D141.5 Allergic Manifestation, History of Systemic Allergic Reaction

Discussion in 'DoDMERB' started by saniel5, Mar 2, 2012.

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    Help, my son just got disqualified from DODMERB reason :History of anaphylactic allergic manifestations (including insect stings/bites, common foods, etc.). He had a remedial test for allergy in peas last week which oviously did not pass. He eat all kinds of nuts, including peanuts, seafoods but never have any kind of reaction. Does anyone have an experience with this kind of medical background and if it can be waive?. In other words, can we get a waiver from this kind of allergy?
    Thank you for any insights.
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    I just received the same disqualification. I'm just wondering what the outcome was? I'm trying to stay hopeful but that's difficult. I'm going to an allergist next Friday to determine how allergic I am exactly.
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    saniel5, DS went through this earlier this year.
    My advice:
    1) Gather all of your previous medical records, especially the ones that pertain to your allergies. Take them to your allergist appt. on Friday.
    2) Go on the DoDMERB web site and print the D141.5 DQ verbiage. Take to Dr.
    3) Get on the internet and plug in something like "retired military allergists" or "military doctors". Often times retired military MD's will put that wording into their bios' for their new civilian practices. These folks know the regulations inside and out and can really help you.
    4) If possible find a retired military MD that retired from the branch you are hoping to go in to.

    You will likely be given the option of 2 different tests:
    RAST test (skin test)
    Blood (immunoglobulin)

    Please check some of my previous posts under the DoDMERB thread. I tried to document our journey of this very same thing this spring.

    All is not lost; you are still in the fight and have a long way to go before this is over.
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    To the OP and briannie:
    I got an MDQ back in April 2011 part of which was for a peanut allergy I admitted to in my DoDMERB. That is an immediate disqualification. I went to an allergist to find out the options. They first prick tested me, which led to them suggesting a take a blood test to figure out my level of allergy towards peanuts. The blood test came back as the lowest ranking of on the allergen scale. My allergist wanted to see a result in the lower third of the scale before allowing me to take a challenge test. I took the challenge test and passed. What I'm getting at: You might have to go through this same process. Depending on the doctor's availability of appointments and the speed of the blood work facility I would say this process will take AT LEAST a month.

    To the OP:
    I am not familiar with what the remedial test is for allergies through DoDMERB. If it is a prick test, blood work could be in your favor if you've only done a prick test. I have heard and read plenty of false positive prick tests.

    Any questions inbox me or continue this thread.

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