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Jun 16, 2008
My son received the disqualification letter due to Myopia (nearsightedness). I created the account on DodMERB and noticed 1 day after the disqualification letter was sent his case was sent for waiver request (7 June 08 - date posted to waiver authority). The next entry after that dated 12 June 08 states date exam review and at the bottom of the page the current medical status indicates: Medical waiver denied (as of 12-JUN-08 ).

Does this mean his waiver was denied? I thought the waiver process took many weeks not just 5 days. His one eye is -9.5 diopters (1.5 over the limit).

Does my son still have a shot at getting into the AFROTC at this point or would we be wasting everyone's time by trying to pursue this? Could laser surgery (PRK?) help his case or is that not permitted?

Thanks for this valuable web site and all your counsel and support in advance.

Steve from Pennsylvania
I have spoken by phone with Steve from Pennsylvania, moments after receiving an email from him. I researched his son's case and then spoke with him one more time and sent him an email. I will provide him with the ultimate response to his inquiry from the waiver authority and if the waiver is denied in the final review, our DoDMERB Optometrist will answer any remaining questions he has.:thumb:
Dear Mr. Mullen,

Probably anyone reading this forum understands the anguish and disapointment a disqualification letter from the DoDMERB causes. You called me 20 seconds after I sent you an email and provided me with answers, hope and even a little humor. No matter what happens ultimately with my son's waiver, I thank you for your fast response and knowledgable and compassionate service!


Steve E
It was our pleasure. We ARE trying to be as responsive, forthright, and comprehensive as we can be. I just arrived in Montgomery, so I'll try and catch up here. Thx