D224.00 History of congenital dislocation of the hip


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Jun 16, 2008
I am an AFROTC cadet at the University of Florida Det 150 (Go Gators!). Recently, I was disqualified by DODMERB due to suffering from Hip Dysplasia when I was an infant. I was treated with a abduction brace for around another 9 months. Since then, I have never had any problem with my hips. Throughout middle and high school I led a very active life running on the track team for two years as well as being on the varsity wrestling team for two years. Additionally I played football, basketball and soccer on recreational teams. Regardless, I was DQ'd with a code of D224.00. I have spoken with Mr. Larry Mullen today and he was very helpful answering all my questions and offering advice on what to do to resolve my waiver. If anyone else has any advice on how to expedite this process so I can still make Field Training on 27 June I would be more than grateful to hear from you.

Once again, THANKS MR. MULLEN for all of your advice and answers. Hopefully you can help resolve my issue as quickly as I have seen others say you did for them.

Rudolph McIntyre
Rudy - I just sent you and your Commnader an email response. I also sent it to the medcial waiver authority. All the decision makers are on the same page with the same information at this time.:thumb:
U R welcome. Your Commander responded to me today and he's going to track the progress.