Daily Running as a Mid..how far??

Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by Suzie, Apr 13, 2010.

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    When My Son and I were at Annapolis last week, EVERYONE was running in the afternoon.....didn't have to worry about getting hit by a car...but had to watch out for running Mid's!!:shake:

    How far do they run each day?? Do they only run after classes or early in the morning too? We saw them in the afternoon after classes.

    It was so awesome to see.. the whole campus was just alive with action on every field/space available!!:thumb:

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    It really depends. A lot of people do an "outer" which is 3-4 miles and is essentially a lap around the yard. I prefer to run off the yard and do 5-10 miles 4-5 times/week.

    There definitely is a lot more physical activity here than at other places; however, not everyone is active. The people who don't work out just stay in the hall and you don't see them. (These people also get ridiculed a LOT and get very little respect in their class so don't plan on being that guy.) I would say the average mileage/week is about 15/wk (not counting varsity athletes). And yes every grassy surface we are allowed to do anything on is used during the afternoon.

    People do work out in the mornings, but not as many. On any given morning there are probably 5-10 companies of plebes doing workouts. A lot of people swim in the morning. And a lot of people do run. This is one of the prime times to work out because the weight rooms and pool get really really crowded during the afternoons (these are 2 places you didn't see and likely had more activity than you did see).

    Basically, there is a strong culture of physical fitness here. If you come you'll be part of it naturally even if you didn't like to work out in high school.
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    Almost all mids are involved in some kind of physical activity every afternoon. They also do SMT, Saturday morning training, which can be anything from a museum in DC to running to the naval station to do the obstacle course. They do not have a required daily run or distance. Some are super fit, while others, not so much. When my son says some try to avoid as much physical activity as possible, well, that kind of amazes me. During plebe summer, they will run every morning, sometimes other times as well. It is inspiring to me see all the mids running and working out too! DH and I are on a program designed to get us to 5K.....inspired by our mid! I also put "Anchors Aweigh" on my ipod for inspiration!

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