Dating permitted in the Corps of Cadets (VTCC)??

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    Sep 10, 2014
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    I am currently transfer cadet and I am not so sure if dating is allowed or not. I am also in "red phase", could that be the reason why (OR because of our shaved heads)? also I remember one of the cadre members tell us during New Cadet Week that we aren't allowed to look at girls, talk to girls, or even think about them. I know he was just saying that to make sure we are a focused group of cadets and so that we don't stray away from academics but at the same time it did leave a sort of impression upon me and my buds (we often talk about this)

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    Feb 12, 2013
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    It is almost the same way here in the Corps of Cadets at Norwich. Im not sure how it would workout for you since your a transfer student, but here rook to rook (freshman) dating is allowed. It is frowned upon until after you get recognized and if you do decide to show it you cannot show any signs of affection in uniform. Rooks are always in a designated uniform so your kind of stuck.
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    Yea date someone that may be your superior one day, tick them off and leave them behind. It is a great combiantion..... I have a hard time explaining this to someone I know :eek:

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