Days of rest needed before exam


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Nov 22, 2013
In reading through many posts on this forum, I've seen that 2-3 days rest from strenuous exercise is recommended before taking the medical exam, due to the possibility of high protein in urine. When I spoke with the provider, they recommended at least 5 days. Has anyone else received this advice? We were just surprised by that.
I didn't follow the 2-3 day rule and they found protein in mine. I did it again, had 2 days without exercise, and passed
Also stop taking any protein supplements a week in advance.
High protein (naturally occurring) in urine can be an indication of poor kidney function.
From what I have read, exercise induced proteinuria usually reverts to normal within 24-48 hours.
I had a cross country workout that day though and I was fine. I looked up some stuff to do to help though. Google is a valuable thing