deadline for 2019 graduate


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Jul 28, 2017
Son is interested in Army in 4 year scholarship, for graduates in 2019 calendar year what is the deadline for filing? I thought it was June of this year. He is interested in Citadel VMI or Norwich any idea of the odds of getting an ROTC scholarship to these schools. Has a 4.0, NHS, plays football and baseball and got a 28 on ACT
Apply to first round board is in aug-early Sep. First Round is in Sep/Oct. 10-15% get awarded then. And upto 3rd round in March. With composite 31/32 you can get 4 year full ride to all ROTC. Hit or Surpass ACT M32, E32 for the Navy.
GPA not as important. But class rank is. Your GPA should be calculated on Unweighted without rounding to nearest tenth. So if 3.99 that is 3.9 not 4.0. Good luck.