Deadlines for ROTC?


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Jan 5, 2009
I am applying for the 4 year AROTC scholarship and I am wondering what are the deadlines for ROTC?

My dodmerb is complete, I submitted the initial application online, and I have my SAT scores, transcripts, and activities all ready to send to Cadet Command.

All I need to do is the physical evaluation and interview, which I have scheduled for this Wednesday.

Now, I got an email from my #1 school telling me that everything is due Jan 10th? From what 2 other PMS have told me, only the initial application is due Jan 10, and UPDATES (such as DoDMERB, activities, interview etc) is due Feb 28. But he told me that it is in fact Jan 10th, that I have all this due this saturday? Oh, I am able to fax it to them right?

This was my main question, thanks :thumb:
According to the site under the log-in for an ROTC application which I just checked, here is the quote: "Initial Application Deadline is 10 January. All updates are required to be postmarked by 28 February." Sounds like you are okay if the other items are not done until February. But you've got them scheduled soon, so that is even better. The sooner your packet is complete, the sooner you can start appearing before review boards and the more chances you will have to earn your scholarship. Good luck to you!
When do the board meet? :biggrin:

If I can recall they are Jan 11th, and March 10th, am I correct?
There will be one January, February, March and a final one in April.