Deadlines for this year?


Might anyone know of DODMERB waiver deadlines or Academy deadlines for this coming year. DS still has no word from either, just pending. Have to sign ROTC contract on Wed, and cannot pin his future on a "pending review". Any info on this would be great, thank you.,


DS#2 is still waiting for waiver as well. It is my understanding that yhe can sign the contract and return everything for ROTC and if an appointment is offered you can still accept it. DS#2 has signed everything and returned it and paid deposit to Plan B. Still hopeful for USAFA though.


Well I guess that answers that, DENIED, about 4 hrs ago,... via an email to us. Plan Bravo is now in effect.
So sorry to all those with this news. Keep your heads high and press forward.

DD #1 was denied several years ago, DD #2 received appointment last year. We have been in both pairs of shoes.