Jul 4, 2016
I'm letting my mind wander (which is never a good thing) and was wondering: has USAFA sent out any denials yet? Like most people, I am still waiting to hear and now have my plans B, C, and D locked in. Is it possible that the next time I hear from USAFA, if in the near future, that it could be a denial? Or do they wait until March/April to start handing out denials?

Thank you in advance for your responses. Again, this is just a late night thought of a wandering mind that is trying to avoid studying for midterms, so I know it is unnecessary to know the answer. I am just curious.
Then I will thoroughly enjoy a whole lot of nothing while it lasts (hopefully not until May, but I'll take what I can get)!
Thank you![/QUOTE
Yeah haha, I am in the same boat. Most news have been good news until this point, so now we wait.