Dept Naval Science Indoc Paperwork

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Apr 12, 2008

We are in the midst of filling out all the paperwork, and we are now on the Naval Science (fingerprint, etc) portion. How does one present the birth certificate or passport upon reporting in when we have to send it with the other paperwork required by admissions? Does one have to obtain a certified copy of the original birth certificate? Just wondering.....:smile:

Thanks in advance.
Naval Science requests

Spoke to the Academy. They said that the passports and birth certificates that had to be sent by the 2nd of June would be coordinated with the Naval Science Dept during check-in at the Academy. But the Naval Science Dept. also said that if you had copies (which Jazmom had wisely suggested you keep for everything you send to the Academy) you could bring the copies with you, which would make things go a little easier.:thumb:
Naval Science Indoc Paperwork

Thanks for the information; I called the various departments just to make sure. We now cannot seem to locate her ss card; in the process of getting that taken care of now. All others are in order. Just sent in the health documents today and the rest will follow tomorrow. Working on the Naval Sciences end now.

Thanks again for all the valuable help and information posted on this site.

Looking forward to Indoc Day.