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Oct 6, 2008
My son's DODMERB is scheduled for 10/14, but today we went in for random eye issues and he was diagnosed as having a detaching (doctor's word) retina. He has surgery tomorrow.

I realize I need to reschedule his DODMERB. Will corrective retinal surgery disqualify him?

Thank you in advance for any response.
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I just saw the dq -- retina thread from 2006.

My son will be immensely disappointed, but I'm sure he will press on for a waiver anyway as soon as he is healed from surgery.
Best wishes for the surgery. A detached retina and its repair is a pretty technical surgery, but usually has good results. Make sure he follows to doctor's instructions to the word in the coming days. Depending on the type of repair he is having this may include laying face down for multiple days. Write down any instructions the retina surgeon gives you so they won't be lost and ask as many questions as needed.

Oh, and as a suggestion if he is having a repair that requires face down time find out how to rent/borrow a massage table for a few days (the ones with a hole cut out for the head) as this will be immensely helpful in sleeping in the right position. Just a little trick I have heard about.
Thank you so much for the response and advice. We just went out for his "last meal" but I will call around and get my hands on a massage table.
update on retina repair

my son is much better. we rescheduled his dodmerb for three weeks from now and will just hope for the best.

I am glad your son is recovering well. What a scary diagnosis to run into so unexpectedly. On the positive side, a detached retina is such a serious matter maybe you can take some comfort in the fact that it was found before any permanent damage was done. As for the waiver process- some amazing things have truly happened here so do not give up hope.

Best of luck-
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Sorry ma'am. This one got by me. Glad to hear that this was discovered and immediate action was taken to help your son. Regarding your question:

"Current or history of detachment of the retina, history of suregry of the same, or peripheral retinal injury, defect, or degeneration that may cause retinal detachment is disqualifying." That will be the DoDMERB determination.

I can not speak for nor do I know what would be considered in your son's particular case for a positive waiver consideration, "if" one exists. We can only go through the process and see what the results yield. But most importantly of all, the issue was identified and dealt with promptly.:thumb: